Yogi Mentorship

Soulful Business Coaching for Yoga Teachers


Turning Your Passion for Yoga

Into a Healthy Business

You’re first task as a yogi is to take precious care of yourself so you may make a powerful contribution to the world.  Finances and business knowledge can sometimes be overlooked in the world of yoga. While this is noble, it isn’t practical for a sustainable business model.  As a yogi, you must work to create the balance of heart and head – of business and soulful contribution. 

You’re heart is already there…so let’s work together to build a business that aligns with your heart.  The world is waiting for your message.

are you ready to share your message with the world?
So, what all is


  • 5 Month Coaching Program
  • Fifteen 1-Hour Coaching Sessions (Virtual)
  • Private Program Portal with Resources, Call Recordings, and Assignments
  • Custom Roadmap to get you closer to your soulful goals
  • Access to Bethany between Coaching Sessions via Email or Marco Polo
During This Program

You Will Learn

  • Creative (and fun!) revenue streams
  • Skills imperative for a healthy business
  • How to design and pack out a workshop unique to your skillset
  • The proven steps to building a roster of private clients
  • How to sequence and teach classes that align with your core values
  • How to bring out your unique voice as a teacher using your passions and personal history.
  • When to say “no” and why doing so could save your career as a yogi.
  • The classy way to market yourself, without being pushy, cheesy or inauthentic.
  • This and so much more according to your personal desires and passions.
still not sure?

This Is For You If...

  • Want to learn to attract clients who adore you, appreciate your knowledge, and pay your prices without question
  • Love teaching Yoga but don’t know how much longer you will make it driving from studio to studio seven days a week
  • Want to be more profitable, work fewer hours, and even take a day off once in awhile.
  • During a time in my life where I felt I had lost not only my direction but also my intuition I without hesitation turned to Bethany. Through conversation, prompted questions, and insight on perspective Bethany guided my heart with intention towards the ultimate realization that all the answers I seek are already within me. She’s true magic. If you’re looking to step into your authenticity, intuition, and power I couldn’t recommend anyone more. Her heart work truly creates shift.

  • Working with Bethany has been a huge gift and I am so grateful that I took the leap and committed to her program. Now, I feel confidence in my ability and potential, in ways that I haven’t in years. I went from hardly believing in myself, and feeling totally overwhelmed and lacking clarity, to completely rocking it. With Bethany’s guidance, I have put on many successful yoga workshops, booked out my first international yoga retreat and have embodied what it means to be an entrepreneur. Bethany’s style is the perfect blend of compassionate listening, knowledgable insight and fierce motivation.

    Christine Lentz
    Yoga Teacher, Retreat Leader
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