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I believe that everything I’ve ever experienced and ever been through set me up to do this work.

With a background in marketing, I brought a unique set of skills into my career as a yoga teacher. Learning how to turn my passions into a sustainable business (that also aligned with my core values) was a breakthrough for me soulfully and financially.

Quickly, I learned that I needed to share the knowledge I have acquired with others. Here, you’ll find all the resources to help level up your life, business and soul.

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Beauty and Bliss

The practice of mindfulness and journaling and may not be a traditional practice for you, or one that you necessarily think to incorporate into your daily routine. However, the practice can be deeply useful to bring insight, power, and clarity to your day. Whether you’re new to journaling or have been practicing for some time, we all could use some heart-practice. Try out this FREE three day Beauty and Bliss guide to connect deeper with yourself, love others, and bring joy back into your days.

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    Together, we will uncover your feminine, passionate, powerful, fearless self. It comes with a little smack, and a big hug to get you to the space you were meant for.

    I will always teach you to embrace the different aspects of yourself. Let’s take the shame out of loving and getting to know yourself, and realize the value that you hold.

    Owning your journey and who you are is key. You are pure light, and pure love – no matter what season you are in. Our goal is to treasure and honor your path.

    Peaks and valleys are a part of our life’s course. However, there is nothing more powerful than being raw and feeling emotion. You are a work of art, and the most brilliant art comes from pain. Let’s learn from it.

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