Time to Thrive


Business + Leadership Mastermind for Soulful Women on a mission


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This isn't your typical Mastermind...

This is a Mastermind with Soul

This program is designed for women who are ready to lead from the heart.

We all know a rising tide lifts all ships. Together, let’s reach new heights and set unfathomable goals. In this mastermind, we will stretch and connect to become leaders with a commanding sense of passion and purpose. Witnesss not only means to support others but be supported in return.

together we will rise

Thrive (n.)

  1. : to grow vigorously; flourish
  2. : to gain in wealth or possessions; prosper
  3. : to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances
So, what all is


  • Two Virtual Meetings a Month
  • A 3-Month Long Mastermind Program
  • Monthly Required Reading
  • Private Facebook Group for Accountability and Support
During This Mastermind

You Will

still not sure?

This Is For You If...

  • Your business reflects your mission to leave the world better than you found it
  • You believe in community over competition and that a rising tide lifts all ships
  • You practice integrity, consciousness, honesty, and authenticity in all of your business decisions
  • You’re ready to answer the call to rise to your highest self
  • You’re ready to operate as CEO with a sense of sovereignty and consciousness
  • After years of uncertainty about my future and how to build my career as a health and wellness professional, Bethany’s program helped clarify my intentions and desires in a way that made all aspects of my personal and professional life more concrete, digestible, and organized. The skills I learned from this program are valuable not only from a business and marketing perspective, but in so many facets of everyday life. Many of the lessons learned from Bethany’s Time to Thrive program can be applied to any career path or lifestyle, and will no doubt remain with me for the rest of my life. Perhaps my biggest revelation from this program was learning to overcome old habits of self-sabotage and injecting more self-care into my everyday life, making myself a priority. From the very beginning, my hesitation to join the program came from a place of fear, a refusal to acknowledge my own self worth. WOW, how things have changed! After only a few months in this program, I am not only confident in my skills and service offerings as a yoga instructor, I am actively and passionately promoting myself and everything I have to offer without hesitation, without question, and without fear. This program is enlightening, empowering, and inspiring. It was everything I needed at just the right time in my life. Thank you to Bethany, a long-time friend and mentor, and to all the badass, brilliant women who shared in this journey. Namaste!

    Katie Cousins
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