Time to Thrive

Group Coaching

A 5-month business and lifestyle coaching program. Includes an in-person retreat in Charleston, SC.

To Help Women Build

a successful one of a kind business and a signature offer

Time to Thrive is all about being in community with ambitious women who are ready to create a one of a kind businesses through curiosity, play, and thinking outside the box. Our goal is to set up sustabile growth tools, income opportunities and the chance to work with some badass mentors.

Collectively, we will share interests, experiences and aspirations to cultivate a support system of empowered, smart women. You will learn all the skills, tools and best practices to having a successful business. Putting together a heart cenetered business doesn’t have to be so hard. By the end of the program, you will have a signature offer aligned with your talents and core values, and know how to market it powerfully!

let’s do this together, not alone
So, who is

It For?

  • Business owners or a woman ready to start a business 
  • Women who want to make a difference and have big, bold dreams
  • Women who value curiosity, play, and out of the box thinking – they want a one of a kind business and a life of adventure
  • Women who are in business to make the world a better place
  • Creatives, Yoga Teachers, coaches, photographers, small business owners, calligraphers, artists, massage therapists, reiki masters, to name a few
  • Women who value community over competition
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    How Does

    It Work

    • Fill out the application
    • Attend calls and complete corresponding workbook activities
    • Actively participate in private Facebook group
    • Connect with Board Members (Sisters in Group)
    • Open yourself up to the life you’ve always dreamed about
    • Attend in person retreat in Charleston, SC
    • Step into your role as badass CEO
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      Why It Will

      Change Your Life

      • Clarify your ideal customer / target market
      • Audit your daily habits, where you spend your time / energy so you run your business purposefully aligned with your core values and personal mission
      • Learn how to write a powerful landing page
      • Design a website that works and is an expression of your mission
      • Develop your ability to engage to give and receive constructive feedback
      • Master and utilize social media to enhance your reach
      So, What All Is


      Private group
      Workbook/Online portal
      Guest mentors
      Group calls
      Vision Mapping
      Social Media Strategy
      Newsletter Development
      Annual Planning Workshop
      Branding Development
      Mission Statement
      Accountability Partners
      And More!

      • After years of uncertainty about my future and how to build my career as a health and wellness professional, Bethany’s program helped clarify my intentions and desires in a way that made all aspects of my personal and professional life more concrete, digestible, and organized. The skills I learned from this program are valuable not only from a business and marketing perspective, but in so many facets of everyday life. Many of the lessons learned from Bethany’s Time to Thrive program can be applied to any career path or lifestyle, and will no doubt remain with me for the rest of my life. Perhaps my biggest revelation from this program was learning to overcome old habits of self-sabotage and injecting more self-care into my everyday life, making myself a priority. From the very beginning, my hesitation to join the program came from a place of fear, a refusal to acknowledge my own self worth. WOW, how things have changed! After only a few months in this program, I am not only confident in my skills and service offerings as a yoga instructor, I am actively and passionately promoting myself and everything I have to offer without hesitation, without question, and without fear. This program is enlightening, empowering, and inspiring. It was everything I needed at just the right time in my life. Thank you to Bethany, a long-time friend and mentor, and to all the badass, brilliant women who shared in this journey. Namaste!

        Katie Cousins
      • Bethany is ultimately playful and wise…a brilliant combination that does nothing but promote trust and joy within me as her student and mentee. Her genuine love and deep understanding of this practice as a journey to inner peace is inspiring and contagious. Both her coaching and her teaching concretely targets what needs to shift in order to find deep self love and knowledge, and her resources are seemingly endless, specific, and poignant. Working with Bethany Bubenzer has helped me believe in, grow, mature, and move confidently as a female entrepreneur, yoga instructor, and never ending student of this discipline. She is truly a Treasure. Working with her has impacted me forever to be sure.

        Nicci Argento
        Yoga Teacher + Founder of Mala Maya
      • I have loved working with Bethany and being in her company. She helped to affirm my goal of a nonprofit development portal and kept me accountable. The latter is so necessary! Bethany is beautiful, charismatic, smart, and committed. She is a role model as a woman, leader, and business owner!

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