The Client Journey + Reframe Limiting Beliefs

Module Three


getting started

Remember: By design is always better than by default. This applies to every detail of your life and business. You are the creator of your fate.

Soulful Enhancement Suggestions

Crystal: Moonstone


I am consciously aware of my belief systems and thoughts. I am extremely intuitive and perceptive. I awaken my consciousness and become aware of what thoughts, people, or situations need to be shifted or realigned in my life.

(Source: The essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals, and Stones by Margaret Ann Lembo).


I am the Universe expressing itself in Human Form.

Essential oils to enhance divine inspiration:

  • Rose Water
  • Lemon
Phase 1: Reframe Your Limiting Beliefs

It is time to audit any limiting beliefs that may have come up in your work so far! As a Sovereign Goddess taking charge of her life and business it is important to clean out the thoughts that do not serve your Highest Good. This exercise will help to reveal, forgive, and reframe those thoughts.

  • Reread your “Vision” from Module 1
    • Once you’ve read your vision, make a list of all the reasons you are worthy of this vision, why you need to have it, and how you are going to do good with it.
  • Yeah, but statements…
    • Write down any limiting beliefs/thoughts that came up in the form of “yeah, but…” as you wrote all the reasons you are worthy of your vision.
    • For Example, “I am worthy of making a lot of money from my work in the world….but then people may think I’m selfish for charging high prices and talk shit.”

A little tea time with your Highest Self.

Pause here and meditate.
Call in your Highest Self.
Refer to Module 1 Meditation Video if you need a little extra help.

You Are Here

Module Three

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