Off The Mat

A 4-month virtual course designed to help you apply the practical wisdom of yoga to your modern life
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A Transformative Experience

Mind, Body and Soul

This program is designed for every level of yogi, who is ready to take their practice outside the studio and into a life of empowerment, beauty, and grace.

  • Have you tasted the magic of yoga in the studio and crave more?
  • Are you ready to live purposefully aligned with your core values and personal mission?
  • Do you need tools to help you navigate when life goes off course?
  • Are you sick and tired of your self sabotaging behavior and self-limiting beliefs?
  • Do you want support and encouragement on the way to realizing your biggest dreams?

It would be impossible for me to adequately express how the practice of yoga has changed, shaped, and saved me.

the benefits of deeper exploration are limitless
So, what all is


  • 4 Month Group Coaching Program
  • Video Lessons on The 8 Limbs of Yoga (Pre-recorded)
  • 4 Expert Guest Mentor Q&A Calls
  • A gorgeous 50-page workbook with course materials and journaling prompts
  • Twice Monthly Group Coaching Calls
  • A sisterhood of accountability and support 
  • A virtual program portal to house all of your materials
During This Course

You Will

  • Study the 8 limb path of yoga and how it practically applies to your day to day life
  • Use the wisdom of yoga to enhance your creativity, connection and grace
  • Learn to be compassionate while maintaining your boundaries
  • Build a home yoga practice tailored to your individual needs
  • Create a diet and exercise routine that leaves you energized and balanced
  • Begin and/or develop your meditation practice.
  • Clearly define your Core Values (imperative to a life well lived)
  • Audit your daily habits, so you have more energy to do more of what you love
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This Is For You If...

  • You have ever tasted the magic of Yoga in the studio and crave more
  • You are a yoga teacher or student looking to deepen your understanding and practice of Yoga
  • You are a coach and want to learn even greater tools and resources to help your clients
  • You feel like something is missing in your life and are looking for deeper meaning, more connection, and greater purpose
  • Practicing yoga with Bethany has been transformative for me and her ‘Off the Mat’ course allowed me to go even deeper. Yoga practice has enabled me to deal with life-long anxiety and process past trauma in a way that nothing else ever has. The ‘Off the Mat’ program provides a framework for exploring the ancient teachings that are the foundation of yoga, while guiding a small, intimate group of participants through modern interpretations of the sutras and cutting edge health science. Bethany’s profound insight into the spiritual practice of yoga makes this program a unique opportunity for those who are ready to go beyond physical practice to an all-encompassing approach to healthy, balanced living.

    Environmental Lawyer
  • I first met Bethany in the yoga studio where she moved so much more than just my body. She has an innate ability to connect and her powerhouse spunk was something I wanted to emanate myself. After yoga teacher training it was clear she was a guide that I needed in my life. In our 1-1 coaching, she got me out of my head and into my heart through specific exercises that I still use to this day. Then, in her “Off the Mat” program I was able to become a student to the yogic lifestyle as she leads a group of us in conversation, sharing, and A-HA moments. Bethany is a forever kindred spirit, I highly recommend diving into yourself with her as your sidekick.

    Nora Luce
    Yoga Teacher
  • Off The Mat gave me a new perspective on yoga and the connection it has to everyday life. While participating in Off the Mat, I left a toxic relationship, made a productive career plan for my future and began a path to help me find my true happiness. Additionally, my asana practice has become more fulfilling and enjoyable. This program most importantly taught me to view others and life in a more beautiful and positive light. Bethany is an angel and learning from her for four months is a dream come true!!!!

    Jenni Illibasi
    Conde Naste
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