How to Never Let Anyone Take ANYTHING From You Again + Claim Your Life

It was in THIS EXACT moment that I decided no one could ever take something away from me ever again.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I ended up here. I’ve spent years studying, training, and learning to run a sustainable business with location freedom.

I’ll never forget the exact moment it hit me. It was the summer of 2014 and I was reprimanded at the studio where I’d worked for the past 4 years. They took away my classes for a week. As a full time yoga teacher, that equaled a quarter of my monthly pay.

That meant no extra dinners out, fewer workout classes, no mani/pedi, and I’d have to be conservative with my gas and food.

There was a voice inside me that whispered, “You are in charge of your destiny. No one gets to take it away from you.” Now is not the time for the full story but I want to let you in on what I realized

Never again would I let someone decide where I would spend my time and energy.
Never again would I let someone who isn’t me decide the vision and mission I work toward.
Never again would I allow someone to dictate my impact and income.

Which is why I now coach women to grow their business in a way that’s good for their SOUL…and their bottom line 😉

Which is why I now coach women to grow their business in a way that’s good for their SOUL...and their bottom line 

So that you don’t have to let anyone tell you who you are, what you do, or how you spend your precious time and energy either.

Because the truth is you can have massive impact and make massive money.

You don’t have to choose between being rich and being spiritual.

You CAN build a life and business based on your own set of rules.

I’ve had a backed up waitlist since June…but I’ve got 3 spots open ONLY for the rest of 2019.

Will you be one of the courageous women to make the leap and claim ownership of your life?

Set up a time to chat with me here. I’m so damn excited for you!


Let’s do this!

xo, B

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