Continued Education

A 6-week in-person course for yoga teachers to uplevel their confidence, capability, and instruction


We Are Called To

Never Stop Learning

This course is designed to teach you how to teach yoga. By the end of our 6 weeks together you will have all the skills, and knowledge to confidently teach a yoga class to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

To be considered, you must be open to give and receive feedback, be coachable, and be willing to show up with a great attitude. This is a sacred judgment-free zone!

let’s evolve together

We will be meeting Thursday evenings from 6-8PM at The Massage Center in Dudley Square

So, what all do we


  • Class structure (how to design a class or workshop)
  • Hands-on assists
  • Powerful cueing based on who is in the room
  • Creating a story or theme for every class
  • Bringing out your unique voice as a teacher
  • Learning to teach from your core values
  • The business of yoga (how to brand yourself authentically)
During This Course

You Will

  • Cultivate the wisdom that it takes to lead others to true purpose and passion, on and off the mat
  • Be inspired by both tradition, self-study, and movement
  • Find encouragement to use your unique gifts authentically
  • Learn to build innovative sequences 
  • Access deeper strength, stamina, flexibility and grace in your practice
still not sure?

This Is For You If...

  • You feel lost after teacher training
  • You need a refresher course on how to show up as a teacher
  • Want help in establishing your yoga business to support your dream life
  • You live your yoga, and also want to help others do the same
  • Bethany’s continued education class was the push I needed to soar. When I entered this course, I felt lost and wasn’t sure where to go next in terms of teaching. From day 1, Bethany throws you straight into to the fire so that your most brilliant self can shine forward. She has the knowledge and the experience to help you realize what is holding you back and to help you let go of those things. After completing Bethany continued education course, I not only had the courage to co-host a community yoga event, but I also got offered a teaching position at a local studio. I am so grateful to have Bethany as a mentor, teacher, and a friend.

    Sarah Drury
    Yoga Teacher, Florist
  • Bethany was such a key teacher for me to level up my teaching style. I think the biggest thing I took away from our training together was the sweetness in Bethany’s voice when she would cue or demo or break something down with a class — that it’s okay to confront or work with someone in class when your intention is clear and filled with love. Bethany being a naturally “bendy” person really helped me understand how to cue, teach and offer advanced asanas for my more advanced students. Another one of my favorite things I learned from my training with Bethany was how many beautiful meditations and guided breathwork she shared with us. I can’t recommend a training with Bethany enough!

    Shelby Ring
    Marketing Executive, Founder of Ruby Riot Creatives
  • Bethany is one of a kind, and such a dynamic teacher! With so much knowledge & passion around movement, principles of yoga, and self-growth, you’ll leave any session with her feeling like a badass who can take on the world. She’ll push you to your edge mentally, physically, and emotionally, while still making you loved & nurtured at the same time. Not to mention, she has an incredible intuition around what you need at any given moment. She’s the perfect blend between strength & beauty and is someone I will continue to be inspired by both on & off my mat for years to come.

    Hannah Bise
    Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, HR for Candlefish
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