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Nathan Morris

Hey, it’s B

At any given moment, you can find me handstanding on a foreign beach, running down the rabbit hole of some new subject of study, discussing philosophy over a bottle of red, or laughing out loud at a table full of friends.

a few things about me
  • I didn’t cry when I was born. I think I didn’t cry because this isn’t my first time around. From a very young age everyone called me an old soul.
  • I studied Arabic & Islamic Studies in college If you ask nicely I’ll write your name in Arabic.
  • I led a 200 hour teacher training in Israel / Palestine.It was as amazing as it sounds.
  • I’ve lived in a bunch of places.New York City, Charleston, SC and Paris to name a few.
  • I squeal when I get really excited.It's pretty much unavoidable.
  • Before Yoga I worked in fashion.Fashion to me is art that you can wear. Its an outward & beautiful expression of inner creativity and spirit.
  • I can low key DJ.Music will always move my soul.
  • I buy myself fresh flowers every week.I believe a beautiful space creates a beautiful life.
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