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I Believe That if you have a message, it is your sacred duty to

Share It With The World

here’s mine…

I believe education is the best method to empower the world, whether it be traditional, spiritual, or self-study. Only when we are truly informed do we have the capability to question our limitations, expand our creativity, and start defining life on our terms.

I’ve used my traditional education and my 20 years of yoga experience to create a career and lifestyle I love. Mine is a life of specific design. And my life’s purpose is to help you do the same.

I studied all the rules and decided for myself which ones to break.

My programs are designed to help you create your own set of rules, so you too can move through life with a sense of freedom and style. I am on a mission to help you create your own set of strategies that are great for your soul and your bottom line, all while adding more authenticity and love to your world.

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I promise to meet you where you are without judgment.

I promise to create beautiful content that makes our work together feel more like play, while you make leaps and bounds in your life and career.

I promise to show up fully to every session. You will receive 100% of my love, focus, and attention during our time together.

I promise to never do the work for you, but always hold the flashlight so you don’t have to fumble through the dark.

I Work


  • High impact leaders in the local + global community
  • Women who value creativity, play, and outside the box thinking
  • Leaders who want a one-of-a kind business and a life of adventure
  • Women who want to make a difference and have big, bold dreams
  • Creatives, Yoga Teachers, coaches, photographers, small business owners, calligraphers, artists, massage therapists, reiki masters, to name a few
  • Businesses on a mission to create positive change
My Personal Definitions

Of Success

  • The financial flexibility to give back to the charities and causes close to my heart (as often as I feel compelled)
  • A close community of friends and colleagues who reflect the principles of integrity, authenticity, consciousness, and fun!
  • Going to bed every night feeling fulfilled
  • An abundance of love, laughter, friends, and finances
  • Knowing that nothing is too far from reach and that if you want it you surely can manifest it

I've Traveled The World

and here is why…

I became an entrepreneur because of the freedom it promised. I’m on a mission to be fully alive and to help others to do the same. Travel brings the promise of great adventure – and so everywhere I go I note some of my favorite, unique experiences. Here are a few:

  • Favorite Breakfast Spot - Lost Dog Cafe in Folly Beach, Charleston, SC
  • Craziest Place I’ve Ever Done a Handstand - In the Middle of a Fountain in Monte Carlo
  • Best Cup of Coffee I’ve Ever Had - Spirulina Latte in Bruges, Belgium
  • Favorite Yoga Class I’ve Ever Taught - Sky Mind Hall in Nosara, Costa Rica
  • My Home Away From Home - Charleston, SC
  • Best Place to Learn How to Kiss - Paris, France

My Visions For The Future

  • To live in a world driven by love over fear, by community over separation, where everyone is free to be a beautiful expression of their most authentic self.
  • To be on this path of healing beside you - so that I may open myself to greatest expressions of love, creativity, and vitality.
  • To live in a world where we work together to have a positive global impact - with our environment, our oceans, our varied cultures.
Hear The Words From

My Tribe

  • Bethany did my very first teacher training program at Charleston Power Yoga 9 years ago where I was owner for 10 years. She then went on to teach for me and become a very loved part of our teaching team, teacher trainee program, and yoga community. Bethany has had a lot of hardship in her life and has always used it as charge to overcome and share her strength thru vinyasa yoga, coaching, and storytelling.

    She also shares herself with those less fortunate and has traveled to train women in Palestine and Israel. Bethany is an amazing coach because she not only is beautiful on the outside but so so special on the inside. She shares herself and her struggle to create a safe space to mentor and love people for where they are in that moment. She is a very experienced teacher and her classes are taught as a love letter from one soul to another.

    I truly believe anyone working with Bethany is blessed. She is accountable and always shows up- rain or shine! We love her big in Charleston and are super proud of our homegirl and the big life she is up to.

    Sarah Finn Frick
    Founder of The Works
  • Bethany loves. She just loves. Her heart is simply overflowing with compassion for everyone she meets.

    I met B through a mutual best friend a little over a year ago. I was in the beginning of my own profound spiritual awakening and she was there every step of the way. This woman has an extraordinary ability to give ground when you can’t see it in front of you. She’ll never do the work for you, but she is always holding the flashlight so you don’t have to fumble through the dark.

    Bethany has devoted her life to the practice of yoga; all of yoga not just asana. It’s led her down of beautiful path of empowerment, most often the empowerment of women. It manifests in her teaching, coaching, and the offerings she’s developed to help women step into their innate, divine power. As a yoga instructor, she is able to create such a profound foundation for her students to find connection between inner and outer consciousness and being. Her teaching is freeing, yet disciplined and full of the most beautiful intensities. She teaches from a standpoint of being in true service of others. This is true in how she approaches all that she has to offer this world.

    Sometimes I look at her and marvel. She is one of the happiest people I know despite suffering devastating traumas in this lifetime. She is a true testament and embodiment of practicing what you preach. In a world where the misrepresentation of yoga is rampant, it would serve us to shine light on more people devoted to holding the practice sacred and spreading it as such. Bethany is one of those people! And she is just so lovely.

    Kasey Hall
    Marketing Director
  • I met Bethany many lifetimes ago in the Yoga Community. Her Energy and Brilliance, Beauty and Grace immediately immediately drew me to her.

    She is fierce, empowered, beautiful and multitalented, and shares her gifts as a popular Yoga Teacher, Mentor, Coach, and Lifestyle inspiration.

    As a fellow Coach and Yoga teacher, I deeply respect her work, and admire her Brand.

    She embodies authenticity in all areas of life, and is both a Buddha and a bada** business babe. She chose to thrive through body image issues, and painful loss, and her teachings are and style are piercing every woman’s heart.

    She unapologetically follows her Purpose, trailblazing what it looks like to not just survive, but to thrive and to contribute to the collective Awakening.

    Elli Richter
    Life Coach Extraordinaire
  • I first met Bethany about 6 years ago when I walked into Charleston Power Yoga for the first day of yoga teacher training. We learned a lot from her, from mastering inversions, to hands-on assists, to delivering better cues, but what really struck me about Bethany was the heart & soul that she brought to the mat. Her classes were unlike any others. She connected on such a deep level with everyone in the room, but in a way that made you feel like it was meant for YOU.

    In the years that followed I’ve come to know Bethany well beyond the four walls of the yoga studio. She’s one of the kindest, most brilliant souls I’ve had the honor to work with, and call a friend.

    Bethany has become an instrumental part of our community at Hatch Tribe, the company that I founded to support women entrepreneurs as they launch & grow their businesses. Each month she delivers a heart-felt, insightful lesson to our community that’s designed to help entrepreneurs flourish, and these lessons are always steeped in the philosophy and practice of yoga. She’s also spearheading our Lexington, KY chapter, bringing live events for women entrepreneurs to her city.

    Seva is part of her life. It’s who she is through and through. Whether it’s helping a fellow entrepreneur or yoga in a time of need, or giving me a pep talk on Marco Polo, or simply showing up and holding space for us to be ourselves, she’s a rockstar and I’m so proud to know her and call her a friend.

    Hilary Johnson
    Founder Hatch Tribe

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