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Hey, It's Bethany

But My Friends Call Me B

I am on a mission to empower others to live their most authentic and passionate lives. I do that through coaching, teaching, retreats and cultivating true community and connection. Things flow to and through me constantly, and I live with a forward momentum – always seeing what there is to be grateful for, and speaking truth into others.

I care about people to their core, as well as their journeys’. I’m on a mission to uncover the powerful, beautiful and raw character that each individual holds.

I live my life understanding that it’s not just about having more, it’s about being more.

Creative Strategies

That Fuel Your Soul and Bottom Line

The life and business that you’ve always wanted are completely in your reach. After years of experience, I have learned how to take this abundance philosophy and apply it to teachings that will not only help your bottom line but also your soul.

Here’s how I’ll get you there…

This isn’t about trying to fit your life around your business, it’s about building a life and business that flow together seamlessly. 

Hear The Words From

My Tribe

  • B is magic. Whether you need a hug, a kick in the ass, or both, she will guide you through the landscape of your life. She perceives the potential you hold within you and knows how to reveal it to you. Her wisdom is palatable to beginners taking their first steps as well as seasoned veterans of life seeking reassurance. She will meet you where you are, as you are, with open arms and help you shed the layers and become who you want to be.

    Bethany is like green tea, uplifting, energizing, and subtle. Working, practicing, and coaching with Bethany is a life-changing experience that operates systemically from the inside out; you will change and as that inner transformation blossoms outwardly you will then change your life.

    Sean Papa
  • From the moment I met Bethany, I knew she held wisdom and companionship that I needed. She is the epitome of strength, having overcome so much adversity. In sharing her story through conversation and teaching, I too was able to overcome extremely adverse situations in my own life with optimism. As a teacher, Bethany moves lightly. With the ease and confidence of an individual truly purposed to heal others. Her movement is deep and personal in both a private and group setting. Real, sensual, beautiful, relatable, and inspiring are my favorites words to describe Bethany. Because of her, I too seek to change and heal people through movement.

    Dakota Flynn
  • Bethany is ultimately playful and wise…a brilliant combination that does nothing but promote trust and joy within me as her student and mentee. Her genuine love and deep understanding of this practice as a journey to inner peace is inspiring and contagious. Both her coaching and her teaching concretely targets what needs to shift in order to find deep self love and knowledge, and her resources are seemingly endless, specific, and poignant. Working with Bethany Bubenzer has helped me believe in, grow, mature, and move confidently as a female entrepreneur, yoga instructor, and never ending student of this discipline. She is truly a Treasure. Working with her has impacted me forever to be sure.

    Nicci Argento
  • During a time in my life where I felt I had lost not only my direction but also my intuition I without hesitation turned to Bethany. Through conversation, prompted questions, and insight on perspective Bethany guided my heart with intention towards the ultimate realization that all the answers I seek are already within me. She’s true magic. If you’re looking to step into your authenticity, intuition, and power I couldn’t recommend anyone more. Her heart work truly creates shift.

  • Bethany has transformed yoga for me over the past year. I had been practicing yoga for over 10 years when I started taking classes from her. From the very beginning, I could tell her classes were different. She has such a deep, rich understanding of yoga and her experience and knowledge flow through her classes seamlessly. She has led me towards a new perspective with a deeper appreciation for the dynamic, evolving nature of yoga. I am endlessly grateful to have found such an amazing instructor and friend and truly look forward to practicing with her and learning from her every week.

    Kelli Lozano
  • Bethany is a master/mistress at her craft. She is no nonsense! She gets you to laser focus from the start. In less than an hour I went from “I don’t know what I am offering to clients” to “THIS is what my offer is and what I am comfortable charging.” I am at the very beginning of creating and birthing a business, however, I believe that what I got out of our time together will continue to bear fruit well beyond the time we were actually on the phone together. Only hours after our conversation I was already feeling more confident to up my hourly rate. Bethany is also great at asking the questions that bring you back to your own intuition. She didn’t have to say much to get me to where I want to be and well beyond. I feel more confident about creating my business and finally birthing it into the world than I have ever felt. I am left with confidence and excitement about being a business owner that I hadn’t felt before being with Bethany. I’ll be back to her for more!

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